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[audio]"Yes I Know" / "Slap Or Pinch" - Higgins
In anticipation of the forthcoming full length Zs from the 60's/70's styled guitar pop man-force named Higgins, we gave you this digital single. The guitar heavy A-side "Yes I Know" appeared on that album. Close your eyes and you might hear some Ray Davies, some Beach Boys, some of Zeppelin's rhythm section, some Mike Bloomfield guitar, some McCartney, some Zombies; and all kinds of good good stuff...
Downloads: 25
[audio]"You Had to Be There" 7" - Dress Up As Natives
Sole 45 by this underrated and under-documented Pittsburgh post-punk unit.  Recorded at Sound 7 Studio on October 25, 1981.  Released on Public Records; 500 copies pressed.
Downloads: 27
[audio]"You're the Wave: Wander" - The Agrarians
Songs written & recorded in 2009.
Downloads: 57
[audio]1,000 Years - The Corin Tucker Band

Downloads: 32
[audio]10 Years of Future Roots Radio - dublab
dublab is celebrating 10 years of turning you on! Throughout this decade, we've been fortunate enough to have some of our favorite creative friends record live sets at our studio in Los Angeles. We've welcomed them with arms and ears wide open, and made sure we're looking sharp for their arrival. We've strapped bass cabs to our backs, carried keytars up flights of stairs and lit countless sticks of incense to enable these spontaneous sounds...
Downloads: 43
[audio]25 years of Anxiety - Mark Earnest
Mark Earnest plays songs from the 80's undergrounders Anxiety of Silence. "Katchina" is featured on his latest release "Beautiful Somewhere." For more information go to his page on facebook  or Pen & Mallet.
Downloads: 30
[audio]2999: You Berg - Longwalkshortdock
Full illustration download available at http://kingdeluxe.ca/you-berg/. Visit the artist's website http://www.lucidsartfiles.com/
Downloads: 31
[audio]5Y - various @ semlabel
5y compilation is a wink to our 5 years of activity as an independent french label open on the world - even though we are - letna and navarro - active longer since we started in 2005 with skm and then eko netlabel… in all, more than 70 international references, most of them on free access and still available! this latest free compilation drifting between minimal electronica ambient and dub including 13 artists working for several years with the same intensity: alexandre navarro, benfay, fax, f...
Downloads: 147
[audio]y - Dungeon Broads
PT002 c10 edition of 30
Downloads: 31
[audio]Y / Shmart - mr&mrsBrian
Peter: “Art, shmart. Put enough monkeys in a room with a typewriter, they’ll produce Shakespeare.” [Cutaway to monkeys in a room with a computer] Monkey 1: “Uh, let’s see, ‘a something by any other name…’” Monkey 2: “Carnation? Peony…” Monkey 3: “No, they did that on last week’s ‘Marlowe’.” Monkey 4: “Uh, what about, uh, daisy?” Monkey 5: “Chrysanthemum?” Monkey 2: “Iris? Rose? What about rose?” Monkey 1: “Did you say rose? Rose…” Monkey 4: “...
Downloads: 26
[audio]Yak Folk's Y'are - Volcano the Bear

Downloads: 40
[audio]Yakaree - Restorm.com (V/A)

Downloads: 31
[audio]Yale Women's Slavic Chorus Live at the Golden Festival Atrium Stage, Jan 14 2012 - Yale Women's Slavic Chorus
Live at the 2012 Golden Festival from the Atrium Stage.From yaleslavicchorus.com -- The Yale Slavic Chorus is a performing group of women from a variety of cultural and academic backgrounds who share a common interest in Slavic music.  Most of the Chorus, before coming to Yale, has had very little experience with Slavic Music, and most members do not speak any of the languages they sing in.  Although primarily an undergraduate group, the Chorus also includes other members of the Yale community...
Downloads: 44
[audio]Yan Yalego Live at Barbes on Rob Weisberg's Show 5/17/2008 - Yan Yalego

Downloads: 30
[audio]YAWK! - Vernon Lenoir
YAWK! is a word that Vernon LeNoir likes to say, when something strange happens during production.It expresses the connection to the subconcious archetype Conrad Vitus Skopzik called "Archetype of Wonder". The manifestation of an entity as wonder doesn't come via a subjective view of life but as an objective expression of natures unbearable cry of flesh.The soul of berserk, that tries to hide under several layers of social and religious conventions of man has the power of metamorphosis and comes...
Downloads: 30
[audio]Ye' Vessel [single] - Long Hair
A small taste from Squirrelwood, the next Long Hair album due out in the fall of 2012.There's a lot going on in this song, you just can't hear it.
Downloads: 26
[audio]Ye-Ye Bears - Inquiet
We don’t think we can say it enough: WE LOVE EXPERIMENTAL AUSTRALIAN MUSIC. And this right here is another one of those situations. Inquiet (pronounced anne-ki-et) is Sam Szoke-Burke, of Melbourne, Australia, dorking around with his Casio keyboard, tearing paper into a microphone and using other homemade rhythm section samples to create an abstract wonderment. Our only complaint of this avant-noise experience is it’s terribly brief – under 30 minutes...
Downloads: 44
[audio]Yeasayer - Live @ KEXP 1/29/2010 - Yeasayer
check out hundreds of live performances at KEXP.ORG
Downloads: 68
[audio]Yehezkiel - Wukir

Downloads: 20
[audio]yepa - reed blue & exteenager

Downloads: 30
[audio]Yes Madame! 7" - LE CLUB DES CHATS
Second EP by French trio. Released on vinyl by S.S. Records in November 2007. Currently in print.
Downloads: 29
[audio]Yes Means No - I Am Not Lefthanded

Downloads: 11
[audio]Yeti Three - Ian Nagoski
Track from a 2005 Yeti Magazine CD compilation.
Downloads: 33
[audio]Yidaki Mind Tree - NaDa BaBa
Release notes: "Didgeridoo, bells, samples, effects, trance journey from the highs of Ladakh to a 16th century monastery in southern Germany."
Downloads: 94
[audio]Yinyue - dj smallcock
This disc has it all, Hopeless romanticism, (smallcock followed ViVi to china after only knowing her for days) pre-millennium madness, (recorded at a time the rest of the world got hopelessly drunk) political tension (set in a backdrop of Beijing at the time of the Macao handover and the trail of Fol Long Gong members) and not forgetting aural exploration.with nine hours worth of Beijing radio committed to tape (smallcock would spend his days wondering the city's extensive hutong systems just fl...
Downloads: 79
[audio]yomi, l’oscura terra dei morti - ?alos
in japanese culture yomi is the afterlife. it is a dark place, inhabited by monstrous creatures, where dead people rot in eternity regardless of their behavior when alive. this album is about the transition between life and afterlife. it also sees ?alos’ focus transition from the role of woman in the social context of her work to that of woman as shaman; a keeper of secrets – nature’s secrets, herbal secrets, afterlife’s secrets, birth and death’s secrets...
Downloads: 35
[audio]Yoncalla - SunWalker
Eric LaPerna (tarpigh, CS) and Caleb Mulkerin (big blood, CS) Two members from the Mr. Boy Dog era Cerberus Shoal get together and make an album. All over the map sounds: from exotic percussion and strings to angular guitars and drums… repeating themes that weave through out…
Downloads: 65
[audio]YOU ARE - Electric Children
YOU ARE is the culmination of Jack's work in his first year under the new alias, Electric Children: 12 hard-hitting electro tracks that are sure to get your heart pounding and your fist pumping. Party on, dudes.
Downloads: 42
[audio]You Are All My People - I'm Not Jim
I'm Not Jim is a genre-bending collaboration between the renowned novelist Jonathan Lethem ("Motherless Brooklyn," "Fortress of Solitude") and the great American songwriter Walter Salas-Humara of the Silos. The two were mutual admirers and met in a bar in New Orleans and thought of a way to combine their artistry.So what exactly do these songs sound like? Lethem and Humara’s songwriting takes the ordinary pop, folk, or blues song and makes it the occasion for what you might call ‘serious pla...
Downloads: 60
[audio]You Are Not Stealing Bor Land - Various Artists [You Are Not Stealing Records]
All the artists participating in this compilation on the You Are Not Stealing Records label also have releases on fellow Portuguese label Bor Land.
Downloads: 43
[audio]You Can Name This EP - Someone Else [UK]

Downloads: 52
[audio]You can't buy everything forever - Sid Peacock
I'm delighted to be able to give you this sampler via WM Recordings. You will hear tracks from my 11 piece ensemble Surge, electro acoustic works, a chamber piece and a spoken word track.The title track "Can't buy everything forever" is from the Surge CD "Live in Birmingham 04" and is my special christmas message to you all.The CD is available for sale from my website www.sidpeacock.com.Keep watching the skies.....-- Sid Peacockwebsite: www.sidpeacock.comcontact: sidpeacock@googlemail.com
Downloads: 17
[audio]You can't stop da funk - Binärpilot
»I'm just here up in my spaceship cruisin' through the stars. And I'm searchin' for some funk on Jupiter and Mars. I'm just here up in my spaceship gonna make a move. Searchin' for some other planets that can feel the groove.«— via binärpilot
Downloads: 98
[audio]You Got Jokes?! - Majik Most
The ingenious rapscallion of hip hop and long time Demigodz affiliate, Majik Most, is back to bombard and blitz the music community once again with his extraordinary new full length CD: "You Got Jokes?!". The CD successfully delivers just the right amount of lyrical wit, word play and hilarious punch lines needed to bring not just the skill, but most importantly, the fun, back to hip hop. Already heralded as a "masterwork of creativity, imagination, and skill", "You Got Jokes?!" features beats a...
Downloads: 667
[audio]You Keep Them - Low - Fye
This must be the ghost of Syd Barrett who is recorded onto dictaphone. Tiny songs full of tape hiss and reverb. You always hear the click of the record button at the beginning, then some pretty remindable melodies, a whispering voice and ghosts that speaks through the tape hiss. Then clicks the stop button and the ghosts voices are still present in your room, in your head. But they would not harm you...
Downloads: 120
[audio]You Me Tree - You Me Tree

Downloads: 32
[audio]You Must Hide Your Love Forever - Bakers At Dawn
"Have you ever seen a pallid dusk haggling with what the mirror returns to you? That is an intact look. Intact traits. Here goes a round-shouldered girl with flowers in her hair; she knows the mathematical chance of a good weather. She knows you. You may know her. However in imitation of her bearing you're trying to look.Crepitation doesn't mean a pitfall. May be you should stand closer to the door...
Downloads: 61
[audio]You Remind Me Of No One - Derek Clegg

Downloads: 44
[audio]You Say Party! We Say Die! - Live @ KEXP 3/18/2010 - You Say Party! We Say Die!
check out hundreds of live performances at KEXP.ORG
Downloads: 42
[audio]You Sick Little Monkey - Psilodump
Psilodump, the great dictator of The X-Dump electronica collective, is back with yet another high-quality online minialbum! While his last effort, the 9 track "Washed" minialbum (on the short-lived Eclectro Records), was mostly based on melodies, this one, the 7 track "You Sick Little Monkey" minialbum, is based on crazy beats, cuts and weird fx.Besides the 4 original Psilodump tracks, there are also some fantastic remixes by Pippilina, Dorothy's Magic Bag and Lithis!!!
Downloads: 83
[audio]You Wrote These Songs After I Killed Your Physics Teacher - Long Hair
Some say this album is a return to the style of Long Hair's first two albums -- and those people are probably referring this album's relentlessness -- but, in LH's own opinion, this is more dense and creepy than the earlier stuff. Instead of fighting the hiss, hum, buzz, and unwanted background sounds, LH finally learns to embrace them. This album needs to be listened to in its entirety, at whatever volume you feel to be appropriate.
Downloads: 47
[audio]You're Soaking In It (Load Records Compilation) - Pleasurehorse
Track from Load Record's 1999 compliation.
Downloads: 29
[audio]You, Me & The Werewolves EP - E.lebleu
Four years can really make a difference. In 2005, Eric Gamboa delivered through Soundsister Two Years Off, a delicate, ethereal ambient folk album based on electroacustic experimentation, field recordings and noisy, warm introspection. But something changed. Gamboa is in a different place now, and with You, Me and The Werewolves (Poni Republic, 2009) he has a new goal: to make you dance!In only 6 songs, this EP really gets diverse, taking elements from the wide dance territory, like techno/h...
Downloads: 66
[audio]Young Oceans - Long Hair
Long Hair's sixth album. The next stage in the evolution of a band that never stops evolving (or devolving), this one is equal parts Live/Dead, Crim, the Cow, and Music to Eat. Kinda feels like an Idiot's Guide to Prog, with an emphasis on the Idiot.
Downloads: 380
[audio]Young Person's Guide to Disco Missile - Disco Missile
Young Person's guide to Disco MissileAn introduction to the Music of DISCO MISSILE.  These recordings range from 1993-1995 and consist of the most accessible and memorable moments the bad produced.  Most of what the band recorded was a hot mess, these tracks are the most tightly wound sugar coated bits in the lot and the 'lot' consists of 7 full length recordings and 2 E.P.s.  The Selections here come from the Moon EP, Vinegar Eel,         Terpene Chloral Hydrate CV, Micro Cosmic Audi...
Downloads: 74
[audio]Your Favorite Fool - Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys

Downloads: 17
[audio]Your Rainbow Colour Changer - Damscray
Coming from one of the most gifted Experimental producers in or out of the free music movement 'Your Rainbow Colour Changer' is the latest step in the musical evolution of Albert Khasanov, better known as 'Damscray'. Blending exotic, nomadic beats with a myriad of other influences to create an EP which shows yet another level to the producer's repetoire, Damscray continues to show that experimental, electronic music a genre whose surface has barely been scratched...
Downloads: 51
[audio]Your Smell When You're Naked - EARTH-ENEMY
PT006 c62 edition of 100
Downloads: 40
[audio]Your Word is Your Wand - Drums Like Machine Guns

Downloads: 89
[audio]Yours Truly - Spiritual Recess
PT009 c77 edition of 100 "2006-2012 w/honor + pride"
Downloads: 43
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